Amplifying the voices of small charities through the power of film.

Our mission is to amplify the voices of small charitable organisations, whose high impact work is often unseen and underfunded. Whilst this can often be achieved in the form of unrestricted grants, we’ve also been working personally with charities for some time and have discovered that there are other ways we can help.

The leadership of a small charity are often working with limited resources, perhaps even voluntarily or part time, yet making an amazing impact due to their absolute dedication to their cause. However, it can be challenging for their small teams to find all of the resources and expertise they need to efficiently communicate about their cause.

The Matthew Good Foundation helps charities to fund and co-ordinate professional quality films that tell their story in a compelling way and can have a huge impact on them achieving their goals, be that attracting funders, reaching out to service users or building advocacy.

Charity films are normally only offered to select charities that we are already working with, however, we will consider offering a film to any eligible organisation at our discretion. If this is something you think you could benefit from, please send an email to:

Charity Filming

So helpful in promoting the charity

“The additional support and expertise provided to us to make a short video about the charity will be so helpful in promoting the charity to new families who may want to join us and to potential new funders who would like to support us in the future. Matthew Good Foundation have been such a good funder to be involved with. They have been quite unique in getting to know us as a charity to make sure they can support us in ways that are as helpful as possible and allowing us to make use of the expertise that exists within the Foundation.”


Charity Manager, Downright Special