Our Projects & Grants

Making the world and our communities a better place by supporting charities and community projects close to the hearts of our members.

Charity & Community Grants

Our members apply to the Foundation to volunteer for and support the charities they care about and receive match funding for their fundraising activities and personal donations. As a result our giving is highly targeted and provides maximum impact.

Double Match Funding

Charity Championing

Donation Match

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Empowering our members to make a difference

Grassroots applications allow our members to directly support an issue, cause or project that they are passionate about. This can be almost anything at all, providing it is contributing to the community or environment. The principle is for the member to develop an idea for the cause they want to support and the goal they want to achieve. Working with the Foundation team employees create a strategic plan to realise this goal and make a change for the good with them at the helm.

Grassroots Projects

Since our very first grassroots project in race medicine, we’ve supported a variety of important projects in the UK and abroad, making a difference to people, communities and the environment.

Best Practice in Race Medicine

Water Harvesting in Rajasthan

Protecting the Pygmy peoples of the Congo

Coral Reef Protection

An alternative to 'slash & burn'

Supporting The Junction community hub

Water Management Capacity In Africa

Rewilding Scotland

Protection of Indigenous peoples in the Philippines

During 2019, the Foundation spent time on the ground with WaterHarvest to understand how their projects are funded and the impact the charity is having on communities in rural India.

We created films to raise awareness of WaterHarvest’s mission by bringing what they do to life. As a result, WaterHarvest has seen a significant increase in donations that are helping them continue their vital work. 

"Highlights for this year definitely include the production of a short film of our work made by the Matthew Good Foundation. It gives a great insight into what we do."

 Neil Metha РChairman of Trustees, Water Harvest

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