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Long term unrestricted funding is the key to growing our high impact charities.

When charities are looking for funding – there are often restrictions on the types of projects or areas the funds can be spent on. This is understandable, as funders seek to guarantee the impact their funds create. However, charities that are looking to achieve sustainable growth also need to find ways to fund their core costs, or access funds that can be used more flexibly as their needs evolve.

Unrestricted funding is one of the hardest types of funding for charities to find, as it relies on trusting the charity to decide what the funds are best spent on as their needs evolve. Also, impact data can take a long time to be realised and be more difficult to qualify. Whilst these drawbacks put some funders off, at the Matthew Good Foundation we believe that unrestricted funding can be a powerful and rewarding way to support non-profits and charities, providing a solid foundation for them to work towards their long-term goals.

We work closely with selected charities and projects to target funding at grassroots initiatives that meet our specific Sustainable Development Goals. Projects usually last at least three years, so we get to witness first-hand the incredible impact that these growing initiatives are making on our world.

Charities are selected and agreed privately by the Matthew Good Foundation team, and we do not currently take external applications for this type of funding. If you would like to apply for us for funding – we are currently taking applications for Grants for Good. 

Amplify Charity Grants Logo

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So delighted to have long term funding

“We are so delighted to have long term funding from the Matthew Good Foundation, helping to ensure that the future of the charity is secure and that we can continue to grow Downright Special. Matthew Good Foundation have been such a good funder to be involved with. They have been quite unique in getting to know us as a charity to make sure they can support us in ways that are as helpful as possible and allowing us to make use of the expertise that exists within the Foundation.”

Gillian Bowlas

Charity Manager, Downright Special