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Helping businesses direct funds more meaningfully to small, local, high-impact non-profits.

What’s in it for


There are tens of thousands of small and local charities and non-profits in the UK, often formed at grassroots level as a result of their leadership’s experience or expertise, who are able to make a big impact with a small amount of funding. However, they can struggle to attract the funding they need to grow their impact as they grapple with grants that involve complicated applications processes or restrictive funding pots.

Often making their first steps into funding applications – non-profits are offered a simple, informal and friendly process that helps them to get their message in front of funders who really care about the impact they are making and are proud to support them in their goals by offering unrestricted funding.

What’s in it for businesses?

All of our Amplify Funding Programmes are funded by our partner businesses.

An increasing number of businesses want to be involved in making a meaningful difference in their local communities, and they want to empower their employees in the process. But doing so alongside the day-to-day running of a business can be logistically difficult

We put the hard work into finding and selecting the kinds of non-profits businesses are interested in supporting, by doing the necessary due diligence, communicating with their employees and their leadership to engage them in the decision-making process whilst using a minimum of their time and resources.

If you are a business currently looking for more meaningful ways to give to charity, please head to our Business page to find out more about how we could help you!

Programmes currently taking applications

John Good Group: Grants for Good

The Grants for Good Fund awards £60,000 of funding annually between twenty charitable organisations. The applications cycle runs quarterly, meaning every three months, we will share £15,000 between five shortlisted projects.

Watch this space for more programmes coming soon!

Here are some of the latest projects to benefit from one of our Amplify Funding Programmes:

So encouraging to know that people believed in our cause

This is amazing, thank you so so much! Making the shortlist means everything to me. Since I lost my brother just a few months ago, I have put absolutely everything into this project to ensure no other siblings wake up and feel how I feel when I open my eyes each morning. By being shortlisted to receive funding from the Matthew Good Foundation, I feel like my hard work has been worth it, and I’m so grateful to be considered.
Thank you for believing in me.


R;pple Suicide Prevention