Connecting businesses to meaningful charitable partnerships

We support businesses in achieving their aim of giving back and making a difference to society in a meaningful way. Many businesses run into problems when trying to connect with and donate to small charities, the lengthy administration process, the lack of knowledge and shortage of time are all examples of the typical barriers.

We’ve honed our skills over the last 12 years and know how to create meaningful charitable giving programmes that drive high impact for the business providing the funding and the charities they support.

Why Small Charities?

Thousands of innovative local charities and non-profit organisations make a huge difference to society. Yet many are underfunded, and need more support to deliver the impact they are capable of. Larger charities with an income of over £1m per year attract 83% of the charity sector’s total income*, yet, small charities have a tremendous impact, are innovative and well placed in communities to help those most in need flexibly.

By harnessing the desire of businesses to give back, we make it easy for companies of all sizes to find and fund small charities and not-for-profits in a meaningful way by delivering flexible charitable giving programmes that create personal connections, engage employees in decision making and empower small charity leaders, all while enhancing your ESG credentials.

*Source: NCVO Almanac 2023

Why your business should support small charities

Finding small, innovative projects that align with the areas your business wants to support is incredibly rewarding, but there are lots of other business benefits too.

Expertise and support

As a Matthew Good Foundation business partner, you’ll benefit from expert advice and access to a bespoke charitable giving programme that allows you to build charitable giving into your existing business processes seamlessly.

Build your reputation

87%* of businesses said CSR activity positively impacted their reputation with clients and customers. We’ll provide ready-made communications so it’s easy for you to share your impact. (Charities Aid Foundation)

Potential business growth

Purposeful brands grow twice as fast as their competition* (Kantar Purpose 2020 Study)

Increase customer loyalty

90%* of consumers surveyed indicated they would switch brands to support a specific cause when choosing between two brands of equal quality. (2015 Cone Communications Global CSR Study)

Talent acquisition and retention

64% of Millennials will only take a job if their employee has a strong CSR policy, and 83% would be more loyal to a company that helps them contribute to social and environmental issues. (The Cone Communications Millennial Employee Study)

Case Study – John Good Group

We’ve been managing John Good Group’s employee giving programme since 2011. It’s a bespoke programme that engages its employees in many ways and directs the majority of funds to small charities.

As well as supporting the company in achieving its ESG aims, John Good Group reports that its charitable giving programme helps with employee engagement, recruitment and retention of top talent, customer acquisition and loyalty and is a great way of seeing their values in action. Giving employees the opportunity to meet with and engage directly with the charities they support is incredibly rewarding for all involved.

Employee Giving

  • Monthly Draws
  • Doubling employee donations
  • Tripling employee fundraising efforts

Grassroots Project Support

  • Grants for small non-profits employees nominate
  • Support for employees starting or scaling their own grassroots community projects

Grants for Good

  • 15,000 shared between 5 micro charities every quarter
  • Employees vote to decide funding distribution.

Employee Volunteering

  • Unskilled and skilled employee volunteering programme. We source one-off volunteering opportunities that suit the employees’ interests to make it easy for employees to use their volunteer days.

Company pro-bono/discounted work

  • Putting the skills within the business to good use

John Good Group Projects

Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation

The Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation (HAWO) is based in Argyll’s Knapdale Forest, an important area for biodiversity. They work with national organisations to monitor species and perform biodiversity restoration work, conserving the habitat for the future. They also provide sustainable tourism activities and educate local school children in

Getting Clean CIC

Getting Clean is a Leeds-based community interest company (CIC) with a mission centred around addiction recovery, community improvement, and environmental sustainability. Their primary objectives include supporting individuals in recovery, enhancing the local community, creating pathways to employment, promoting environmentalism, and challenging addiction stereotypes.

Poole Sailability

The volunteer team at Poole Sailability use their fleet of four sailboats to provide sailing activities in Poole Harbour and the surrounding area for people with a wide range of disabilities, including local school children from SEN Schools. They also have a club to ensure that those with a

The Ocean Trust

The Ocean Trust aim to rebuild coral reefs in the Western Indian Ocean, starting with the Lamu archipelago, Kenya where they are based. Using a simple but effective method, the reefs are being rebuilt by local people, who also benefit economically from the alternative livelihoods, employment and education opportunities

A diverse group of women laugh as they pose for a photograph

Menopause and Cancer

Menopause and Cancer is a patient-advocacy organisation providing unique digital and in-person support to those over 18, with any cancer type, who experience menopause as a result of treatment or surgery. Dani Binnington founded Menopause and Cancer after being thrown into surgical menopause at 39, following a cancer diagnosis

Reel Creative

This digital education charity empowers children in Hull from diverse backgrounds by unlocking their creativity and digital fluency. Their mission is to promote technological literacy for all local children, bridging the gap for those who may not have had such opportunities before. Through carefully curated experiences, Reel Creative sparks

Fathoms Free

Fathoms Free is dedicated to safeguarding marine wildlife and the environment in Cornwall by removing abandoned fishing gear and other marine debris. Known as Ghost Fishing Gear, this lost equipment endangers marine life through entanglement, and negatively affects marine ecosystems and food chains when it breaks down into microplastics.

Stand Tall Strength and Wellbeing

Stand Tall was founded by experienced healthcare professionals from Wales, and is their idea for tackling the gap in provision that leads to men being three times more likely to take their own life. The organisation offers an 8-week strength and wellbeing course specifically designed for men's mental health.

Working Wardrobe

Working Wardrobe aids individuals seeking employment. Set up after the covid pandemic highlighted the prevalence of clothing poverty, their four hubs in South Wales provide quality workwear and interview attire to boost confidence and help people into careers. Also, by collaborating with community partners they repurpose any clothing donations

City of Hull Street Angels

This team of volunteers are on hand to help the most vulnerable in Hull's busy areas every weekend from 9 pm until 3am. The team of 26 volunteers have saved lives by being there to respond to situations quickly, carrying equipment such as foil blankets and phone power banks,

For Individuals


We don’t just work with businesses; we also support individuals and families with their philanthropy journey by managing a charitable fund on their behalf. Donor-managed funds act as a one-stop shop for your charitable giving, enabling you to make tax-efficient, irrevocable philanthropic contributions and then we support you in investing the fund and/or making grants to small charities and non-profit organisations over time.

We’ll support you in finding small charities and community projects that align with your interests, conduct due diligence, and manage your donations.