The Foundation was formed following the passing of my brother, Matthew Good, on June 26th 2011 whilst running a marathon for charity.  He was the 6th generation to work in our family company John Good Group, which has been in business for over 185 years and is still family owned.

Our family business donates money to the Matthew Good Foundation each year allowing the staff of the John Good Group to apply and support many good causes in the UK and around the world.

Working in this way we make our impact highly efficient. We donate and work closely with small causes and local charities that need the most help. Every cause is hand picked by our staff and trustees which means we know exactly where the money is being spent.

For this reason we’re now starting to see a number of individual donors and other businesses granting money to our Foundation and delegating their philanthropy to our team.

Tim Good,
Chairman, Matthew Good Foundation
Director of John Good & Sons Ltd

Matt enjoying a hike prior to his passing in 2011.

Our team

Chairman, Tim Good
Executive Director, Michelle Taft

Trustees: Kevin Harrison, Jane Nash and Seamus Jennings

See how we conduct our due diligence on NGOs abroad

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Our money is granted directly to good causes or charities but only after a certain amount of professional due diligence. We want to be certain that our funds are being well spent and we use our experience in business to drive this process.


We predominantly work in the UK with small local charities and good causes. However, we are also involved in a number of international projects including the Philippines, Honduras, India and Africa. We are open to the idea of being approached by small innovative NGOs and projects.


Our family business has a responsibility to both society and to the environment in which it works. Additionally, philanthropy is an integral part of our family values & purpose.