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We amplify small, high impact and high potential charities by connecting them with responsible businesses, through funding, volunteering, and pro-bono support.

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Matthew Good

How it began

The Matthew Good Foundation was the idea of Tim Good and Matthew Good, both sixth generation custodians of the Good family business – John Good Group. Passionate about the business being a force for good, Tim and Matthew agreed that every year the family business would donate a proportion of profits to the Foundation, so that employees could apply for funds to support the charities they care about.

Tragically, while creating the Foundation, Matthew passed away suddenly while taking part in the Humber Half Marathon while raising money for charity. In a tribute to Matthew, the Foundation was launched in his memory. Our first project funded research and promoted safety and best practice in race medicine and the treatment of illnesses commonly found during marathons and other similar events.

The John Good Group continues to support us in our growth by funding all of our core running costs and providing a wealth of pro-bono support through the skills and resources within the company. Supporting and growing the impact of the Matthew Good Foundation is a key part of the John Good Group’s own award-winning ESG programme. It also means that 100% of all donations received go directly to fully vetted good causes through Amplify Charity Grants and Amplify Charity Films programmes.

As well as setting up the Foundation and covering our operating costs, the John Good Group is also our biggest partner, enabling us to fund and develop our growing Amplify programmes. We also manage a bespoke Employee Giving package for the John Good Group that suits how the company would like to allocate funds and resources to support their employees to make a difference to the causes that matter to them, through both charitable giving and volunteering.


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The Matthew Good Foundation provides funding to selected small charitable organisations that need longer-term unrestricted support with the core costs vital to running their organisation, but funds for which are harder to find in the funding sector. Funds are aimed at organisations that meet the Foundation’s target Sustainable Development Goals, and charities are selected and agreed privately by the Matthew Good Foundation team.

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Often, charitable organisations are not just dealing with a funding gap, but also with an expertise gap when it comes to communicating their cause to a wide audience. As a foundation that has very close connections to the business world, this is something we have often found we are able to help fund and coordinate, and so our charity film offering has grown naturally as we worked with more organisations who we could see would benefit from this type of help.

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We design and manage funding programmes that invite small charities, voluntary organisations, local groups and Community Interest Companies (CICs) to apply to us for funding packages which are provided by our partner businesses.

Our programmes are our unique way of connecting organisations that are doing amazing work in our communities, with businesses that want to make a meaningful social impact.



Matthew and Tim Good have idea to create a charitable foundation.


Matthew passes away suddenly while running for charity.


Foundation launched and named in memory of Matthew Good.


Our first grassroots project – to promote safety and best practice in race medicine and the treatment of illnesses commonly found during marathons and other similar events.


Employee Giving Programme launched for John Good Group and its operating companies.


We complete our first film project for charity WaterHarvest.


We open for external applications by launching John Good Group’s Grants for Good programme.


We launch employee volunteering programme for John Good Group


We formally launch Amplify Charity Films.


Using our experience over the last 12 years, we launch Amplify Funding Programmes to make it easy for other responsible businesses to connect with and fund small, innovative charitable projects.

Our Team


Tim Good


Known for his energy, ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, Tim is passionate about the businesses he is involved in having a measurable purpose that makes a positive difference to the world. Tim founded the Foundation in 2011 in his brother’s memory, and he plays an active role in many of our projects.


Michelle Taft

Executive Director

Michelle’s career spans 20 years leading in marketing, sales, and employee engagement. Passionate about making a difference to society, her experience of working in entrepreneurial fast-growth businesses is now bringing a wealth of knowledge to charitable and social enterprises.


Jen Murden

Comms and Impact Manager

Having worked in the creative and marketing industries, Jen loves to prove that creative projects can meet strategic goals. Now she is using her skills to benefit social enterprises by focussing on maximising and communicating the impact of charitable giving programmes.