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Since the Foundation was established in 2011, we have worked with hundreds of charitable organisations and empowered hundreds of our members to deliver more than £1m of funding to projects that positively impact people, society and the natural world.

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Why we’re here

Amplifying small charities

We know that new, small and local charities are often able to make a huge impact with a small grant, but many are currently going under the radar of the funding organisations they need help from. This desire to fill the funding gap for smaller charities is why we started our “amplify fund”, to help target giving where it makes the most impact.

Empowering businesses and individuals

So many businesses and individuals have a desire to make a difference by supporting high-impact charities in their communities – but do not have the connections, resource or experience to be able to confidently act on it. So, we invite other like-minded businesses and individuals to let us help them meet their unique goals, building a powerful philanthropic community capable of amplifying more small charities.


In 2015, all United Nations members adopted “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, which provided a blueprint for achieving a more sustainable future for all, with 16 goals to meet. The goals address all the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. Due to the diverse nature of the Foundation, we support charities that are collectively working towards all of the goals, where we can, we strategically target the following:

No Poverty
Good Health and Well-being
Zero Hunger
Quality Education
Reduced Inequalities
Life Below Water
Climate Action
Life on Land
No Poverty
Reduced Inequalities
Zero Hunger
Climate Action
Good Health and Well-being
Life Below Water
Quality Education
Life on Land

Annual Reviews

To demonstrate our impact, every year we produce an annual review, illustrating our financial impact in an easily digestible form, recapping our major achievements, and highlighting many the causes we have been able to support throughout the year.

As a registered charity, our full annual financial reports can also be found on the Charity Commission website.


impacts at home and abroad

Walking 4 Hope

Walking 4 Hope, a charity in Sutton-in-Ashfield, UK, offers solace and support through nature walks, arts and crafts sessions, and peer support groups for those dealing with bereavement and mental health challenges. Their new short film, funded by the Matthew Good Foundation, highlights the charity's mission and the transformative

Stairfoot Foodbank

Stairfoot Foodbank is a crucial resource in Barnsley, providing emergency food parcels to individuals and families facing financial hardship. Serving up to 147 people weekly, it operates entirely through dedicated volunteers who also conduct fundraising activities like car boot sales and coffee mornings to raise funds for purchasing non-donated

Sailors’ Children’s Society

Sailors’ Children’s Society is a national charity that provides support to children whose parent has made a living at sea or from the inland canals or rivers. They help mariners from fishing fleets, Royal Navy and Merchant Navy families including ferries, cruise ships, cargo ships and offshore industries.


PramDepot provides emergency baby boxes to vulnerable pregnant women lacking essential supplies, focusing on those in London who have minimal support from government or local authorities. Each month, around 40 women and their newborns receive quality clothing, feeding, and sleeping equipment in gift boxes that ensure mothers feel valued.

Hidden Disabilities

Hidden Disabilities is a new charity in Hull that supports people with non-visible disabilities through social, wellness and personal development events and activities, and also by raising awareness. Hidden disabilities can include chronic illness, mental health conditions, neurodivergence, cognitive, sensory and movement disorders. These can severely impact daily life

Thames Seal Watch

Thames Seal Watch was established by a British Divers Marine Life Rescue medic following the fatal incident of the famous London seal, Freddie, in 2021, which had a significant impact on the community. The group aims to educate the public about Thames wildlife, promote safe seal encounters, and enhance

Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit

The Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (CRRU) is a marine conservation charity in northeast Scotland. They safeguard UK cetaceans including whales and dolphins through research, education, and a 24-hour rescue service. Collaborating with universities, they study coastal cetaceans, informing conservation efforts and inspiring budding scientists worldwide. Plus, they provide

Ogmore River Clean

Local resident Alun turned to environmental activism after noticing thousands of tyres in the River Ogmore in South Wales while walking his dog. In 2023, he led a massive local cleanup effort removing 2,000 tyres and much more. Despite this progress, thousands of tyres still endanger the river's ecosystem.

Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation

The Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation (HAWO) is based in Argyll’s Knapdale Forest, an important area for biodiversity. They work with national organisations to monitor species and perform biodiversity restoration work, conserving the habitat for the future. They also provide sustainable tourism activities and educate local school children in

Getting Clean CIC

Getting Clean is a Leeds-based community interest company (CIC) with a mission centred around addiction recovery, community improvement, and environmental sustainability. Their primary objectives include supporting individuals in recovery, enhancing the local community, creating pathways to employment, promoting environmentalism, and challenging addiction stereotypes.