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Since the Foundation was established in 2011, we have worked with hundreds of charitable organisations and empowered hundreds of our members to deliver nearly £1m of funding to projects that positively impact people, society and the natural world.

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Why we’re here

Amplifying small charities

We know that new, small and local charities are often able to make a huge impact with a small grant, but many are currently going under the radar of the funding organisations they need help from. This desire to fill the funding gap for smaller charities is why we started our “amplify fund”, to help target giving where it makes the most impact.

Empowering businesses and individuals

So many businesses and individuals have a desire to make a difference by supporting high-impact charities in their communities – but do not have the connections, resource or experience to be able to confidently act on it. So, we invite other like-minded businesses and individuals to let us help them meet their unique goals, building a powerful philanthropic community capable of amplifying more small charities.


In 2015, all United Nations members adopted “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, which provided a blueprint for achieving a more sustainable future for all, with 16 goals to meet. The goals address all the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. Due to the diverse nature of the Foundation, we support charities that are collectively working towards all of the goals, where we can, we strategically target the following:

No Poverty
Good Health and Well-being
Zero Hunger
Quality Education
Reduced Inequalities
Life Below Water
Climate Action
Life on Land
No Poverty
Reduced Inequalities
Zero Hunger
Climate Action
Good Health and Well-being
Life Below Water
Quality Education
Life on Land

Annual Reviews

To demonstrate our impact, every year we produce an annual review, illustrating our financial impact in an easily digestible form, recapping our major achievements, and highlighting many the causes we have been able to support throughout the year.

As a registered charity, our full annual financial reports can also be found on the Charity Commission website.


impacts at home and abroad

Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation

The Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation (HAWO) is based in Argyll’s Knapdale Forest, an important area for biodiversity. They work with national organisations to monitor species and perform biodiversity restoration work, conserving the habitat for the future. They also provide sustainable tourism activities and educate local school children in

Getting Clean CIC

Getting Clean is a Leeds-based community interest company (CIC) with a mission centred around addiction recovery, community improvement, and environmental sustainability. Their primary objectives include supporting individuals in recovery, enhancing the local community, creating pathways to employment, promoting environmentalism, and challenging addiction stereotypes.

Poole Sailability

The volunteer team at Poole Sailability use their fleet of four sailboats to provide sailing activities in Poole Harbour and the surrounding area for people with a wide range of disabilities, including local school children from SEN Schools. They also have a club to ensure that those with a

The Ocean Trust

The Ocean Trust aim to rebuild coral reefs in the Western Indian Ocean, starting with the Lamu archipelago, Kenya where they are based. Using a simple but effective method, the reefs are being rebuilt by local people, who also benefit economically from the alternative livelihoods, employment and education opportunities

A diverse group of women laugh as they pose for a photograph

Menopause and Cancer

Menopause and Cancer is a patient-advocacy organisation providing unique digital and in-person support to those over 18, with any cancer type, who experience menopause as a result of treatment or surgery. Dani Binnington founded Menopause and Cancer after being thrown into surgical menopause at 39, following a cancer diagnosis

Outkast Panda Crew

Outkast Panda Crew are a team of volunteers improving the lives of young adults in the Hull area who are at risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour and crime by offering them a route to positive engagement and success in their community. After visiting the project and seeing

Walking 4 Hope

Walking 4 hope is a charity that supports families and young people who find it difficult to deal with the pressures that day to day life presents, including those experiencing or at risk of poor mental health. They ​provide recreational/leisure time activities in the interest of social welfare, and offer

The Children’s Hospital Charity

The money raised through donations to The Children’s Hospital Charity supports specialist treatment from head to toe, by funding life-saving equipment, new facilities, a comfortable environment and vital research at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, which changes paediatric care for thousands of children from across the world.

Reel Creative

This digital education charity empowers children in Hull from diverse backgrounds by unlocking their creativity and digital fluency. Their mission is to promote technological literacy for all local children, bridging the gap for those who may not have had such opportunities before. Through carefully curated experiences, Reel Creative sparks

Fathoms Free

Fathoms Free is dedicated to safeguarding marine wildlife and the environment in Cornwall by removing abandoned fishing gear and other marine debris. Known as Ghost Fishing Gear, this lost equipment endangers marine life through entanglement, and negatively affects marine ecosystems and food chains when it breaks down into microplastics.