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Since the Foundation was established in 2011, we have worked with hundreds of charitable organisations and empowered hundreds of our members to deliver nearly £1m of funding to projects that positively impact people, society and the natural world.

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Why we’re here

Amplifying small charities

We know that new, small and local charities are often able to make a huge impact with a small grant, but many are currently going under the radar of the funding organisations they need help from. This desire to fill the funding gap for smaller charities is why we started our “amplify fund”, to help target giving where it makes the most impact.

Empowering businesses and individuals

So many businesses and individuals have a desire to make a difference by supporting high-impact charities in their communities – but do not have the connections, resource or experience to be able to confidently act on it. So, we invite other like-minded businesses and individuals to let us help them meet their unique goals, building a powerful philanthropic community capable of amplifying more small charities.


In 2015, all United Nations members adopted “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, which provided a blueprint for achieving a more sustainable future for all, with 16 goals to meet. The goals address all the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. Due to the diverse nature of the Foundation, we support charities that are collectively working towards all of the goals, where we can, we strategically target the following:

No Poverty
Good Health and Well-being
Zero Hunger
Quality Education
Reduced Inequalities
Life Below Water
Climate Action
Life on Land
No Poverty
Reduced Inequalities
Zero Hunger
Climate Action
Good Health and Well-being
Life Below Water
Quality Education
Life on Land

Annual Reviews

To demonstrate our impact, every year we produce an annual review, illustrating our financial impact in an easily digestible form, recapping our major achievements, and highlighting many the causes we have been able to support throughout the year.

As a registered charity, our full annual financial reports can also be found on the Charity Commission website.


impacts at home and abroad

Access the Dales

Access the Dales exists to break down the barriers that prevent people living with disabilities from enjoying the great outdoors by making all-terrain mobility vehicles available to borrow at outdoor locations in the Yorkshire Dales. After meeting Access the Dales and its founder Debbie, when the charity was a

The Peel Project

The Peel Project was launched in 2021 at Peel Street Park in the Central Ward in Hull's City Centre. Residents were concerned that the park had become an unsafe place, despite being a much needed resource for this community, and decided to set up an organisation that could bring


Lab7even helps young people aged between 13-20 from disadvantaged backgrounds in the Cardiff area, particularly those from minorities or those who are at risk of criminal exploitation, by running weekly music sessions with mentors, funding studio time, providing musical equipment, and facilitating trips and events. They break down the

Care Across Communities

On a mission to build a fairer world, this UK based charity founded in 2021 is fundraising for poverty alleviation, water and sanitation, health, education and empowerment of women in developing countries. Their latest project is focussed on helping the school children of tea-workers in Bangladesh to escape the

Humber Wellbeing Hub

First opened in 2021 in response to a growing number of tragedies at the Humer Bridge, this wellbeing hub situated at the peaceful Humber Bridge Country Park provides emotional wellbeing support to the whole community, from those looking to have a cuppa and a chat, those looking for

The Food Forest Project

The Food Forest Project is an intersectional environmental charity seeking to tackle issues such as food poverty, habitat & biodiversity loss, access to safe green space, carbon sequestration, and soil health. Working with local landowners, and local communities in Somerset, the Food Forest Project designs and builds free, community

Hedgerow Heroes

This project, from CPRE Avon and Bristol aims to rebuild, restore, and protect hedgerows in the West of England, whilst training local residents and authorities in traditional and more sustainable hedge management practice. This restoration of wildlife habitats is not just great for wildlife and the environment, but also

Hull Children’s University

The Children's University are a charity that works with children growing up in disadvantaged areas of Hull and East Yorkshire who may not have the same opportunities as others. They aim to light up every path that a child could take and help create dreams for the future. They

Water Harvest

Climate change brings big shifts in rainfall across the world and this is felt especially in Rajasthan in North West India. The people have always used ancient traditional methods to collect rain water during the monsoon season.

Clean Ocean Sailing

Clean Ocean Sailing are on a mission to remove marine pollution from the hard-to-reach parts of our shores, doing so sustainably under the sail power of a restored schooner, The Annette, whilst raising awareness about ocean plastics.