Staff Project Updates!

The majority of the work that the Matthew Good Foundation does is led by the staff that work within the John Good group of companies. Each staff member is granted membership of the Foundation, allowing them to support charities and initiatives of their choice. Here are just a handful of the projects supported over the past year!

Why_the_Francolins_legs_3_gor7spThe Foundation recently supported a group of writers and artists producing a book inspired by traditional animal stories from Cameroon to be then given to the local children to aid with learning, and immortalise in print, important folk tales and life lessons.



sova-logo-homeJoanne Dayes from the Hull office has volunteered in SOVA for many years which provides foster caring for children in care. This year we supported Joanne with £700 for a joint day out for the children and their carers.


SuppNHSWith Foundation support, Stuart Gosling in Felixstowe Warehousing recently did a 12 mile walk and raised a total of nearly £2000 for Somersham Ward Support Group, part of Ipswich Hospital.


static1.squarespace.comFor a few years running, Julie Good, a director of the company and a trustee of this Foundation, has helped Hull Women’s Aid. They provide help and support in a secure environment for women and children fleeing domestic violence.




Jane Nash with the Felixstowe office is part of a motorcycle club that has raised money for a little girl called Lea Clarke. Each year they hold a small festival which donates its proceeds to Lea’s parents to help with ongoing support and medical costs. The group rise over £5000 this year with support of the Foundation.



Cash-for-Kids-chequeTwice now the Hull office has raised money during a Super Hero day in aid of Cash for Kids! Prizes for the best outfits were difficult because of the huge effort everyone went to!!!

Nearly £1000 was raised with the help of the Foundation.



reef-worldorgThe Foundation has worked with Roof World on the Sea Adventure School in 2013 on marine conservation issues but recently we helped out the Charity with an interest free loan of £25,000 to cover a technical delay in UN funding.