Cougar Freight – Martin House Hospice

This year Katy Hilton of Cougar Freight ( Bradford ) joined ‘TEAM BROOKE’ in the Martin House Colour Run to help raise money for the amazing charity ‘Martin House Children’s Hospice’

Katy was part of a team of 10 people who were raising money in memory of her little cousin, Brooke Leigh Mitchell. All in all the team will have raised in excess of GBP 600, including the match funding from the Matthew good foundation. A brief yet heartwarming extract from Katy herself along with Brookes mother, explains the work this amazing charity continues to do on a daily basis

Our little cousin Brooke passed away in March 2015, 3 weeks before her 4th Birthday. Brooke was born with a life limiting illness, despite everything she was a very happy smiley little girl as you can see on the photographs


Throughout her life she spent lots of time in Martin House Children’s Hospice with her Mum Jemma, her Aunty Beth and her Nanna & Grandad – Below are Jemma’s words (Brookes mum) as she explains how important this amazing place has been to her and throughout Brookes short and smiley life and the support it continues give to other families who have children suffering with life limiting illnesses.

Katy Hilton ( Cougar Freight )

I miss my daughter so much every day, but the money we raise in her memory will help another family like us, who’s child has a life limiting illness. Not everyone is lucky enough to have healthy children, and this place is a safe haven, where nobody is different, nobody gets stared at and whispered about, and nobody gives you the sympathetic looks that you get every day in the street. At Martin house, people like myself can just be parents, not having to worry about medication and physio, all the different therapies I had to do daily with Brooke because the staff are so highly trained they take over. It’s parents of sick children’s chance to play, meet others going through similar problems and more importantly to create memories and keepsakes because sometimes, like our family now, memories and keepsakes, photos and videos are all

we have left of our angel Brooke.

Jemma ( Brookes Mummy )

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