Let’s Bake for Cancer Research

The Budding Bakers at Bridgehead have been at it again! In September and October Matthew Good House was the venue for two fund-raising events and cakes were

involved in them both! On the 29th September Vicki Nutbrown, Good Travel Management, organised a MacMillan Coffee Morning and these delicious bakes helped raise £170.00 for the MacMillan Cancer Support. image3 image2 With

match funding we donated a total of £340.00 to this wonderful cause. £278.00 could keep a MacMillan support centre stocked for a month with all the things it needs to support families standing by a loved one affected by cancer. £27.00 could pay for a MacMillan nurse to spend an hour with someone who has just been told they have cancer. I am sure you will agree our donation will be well spent. Miranda Ackermann, John Good Shipping, hosted a Wear It Pink Day on the 23rd October, this time raising money for Breast Cancer Research. £163.00 was raised by again selling baked goods and Miranda also organised a raffle. Once again the Foundation matched this donation meaning £326.00 was donated

to another fabulous cause. 20151023_091427 20151023_092044 20151023_133743 20151023_134017 Breast Cancer Now uses wear it

pink donations to fund cutting edge, world-class breast cancer research throughout the UK. By discovering the causes of the disease, we’ll find ways to prevent it. By improving early detection and diagnosis, we’ll give everyone the best chances of survival. By developing effective new treatments for every type of breast cancer, we’ll make sure more women are treated successfully. And by learning to stop the disease in its tracks and control breast cancer that’s spread to other parts of the body, we’ll stop it taking lives.