Support for Densholme Care Farm

Children from Hedon Methodist Youth Club recently visited Densholme Care Farm at Great Hatfield near Hornsea, East Yorkshire. The Club is led by a number of volunteers including Kevin Harrison from Good Travel Management.

At the visit they where met by Mr Denys Fell, who transformed the farm over the last 10 years from a traditional and somewhat struggling agricultural business to become a combined working farm coupled with providing care, education and support to disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young adults in the Hull and East Yorkshire area. Whilst visiting the farm the youth club members along with a group from Hedon Methodist Church learned more about the fantastic support the care farm provides including:

  • A farm choir of teenagers with learning difficulties
  • A practical and educational base for many special schools in the Hull and East Yorkshire area where those attending can actively work on the farm itself
  • Day care for adults and teenagers with learning difficulties
  • Supporting the local community through their engagement with people supporting the work they do through volunteering and events. 

Recently Mr Fell won the title of ‘Northern Farmer of the Year’ and has featured in the regional and farming press. The visit was very inspiring for all those who went along and with over £200 given in personal donations on the night I subsequently put in an application for project championing financial support from the Matthew Good Foundation to Densholme Care Farm, which was successful, with £500 donated to them.

The farm does have open days throughout the year as well as welcoming volunteers and is well worth a visit.