Outkast Panda Crew

Outkast Panda Crew are a team of volunteers improving the lives of young adults in the Hull area who are at risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour and crime by offering them a route to positive engagement and success in their community, through a subject that is interesting and accessible to them – cars. After visiting the project and seeing it’s impact, the Matthew Good Foundation worked with Init Creative to help the crew to produce this mini-documentary and get their powerful message out to more funders.

December 2023

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Outkast Panda Crew is a Community Interest Company that provides young adults and those who derive from social poverty and disadvantaged areas an opportunity to learn vehicle maintenance and road safety that will guide them onto a path to gain qualifications and employment.

Outkast Panda Crew believe that a preventative strategy is key to combating crime, tackling the cause at the root. Their services provide hope to young people, a gateway to employment and better opportunities to ensure they can reach their full potential and avoid a life of crime.

A visit to the Outkast Panda garage is all it takes to see the huge impact the crew are making in their community. This mini-documentary, produced by Init Creative, takes you behind the scenes at the Outkast Panda garage, as well as featuring interviews from the local politicians, councillors and police force in support of the initiative.

Some photos from the launch night…