Getting Clean CIC

Getting Clean is a Leeds-based community interest company (CIC) with a mission centred around addiction recovery, community improvement, and environmental sustainability. Their primary  objectives include supporting individuals in recovery, enhancing the local community, creating pathways to employment, promoting environmentalism, and challenging addiction stereotypes.

February 2024

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Getting Clean CIC provide crucial peer-to-peer support for those on the journey to recovery, emphasizing not only the cessation of substance use but also the therapeutic value of cleaner living for both individuals and their communities. Getting Clean have a holistic approach to healing, offering therapeutic experiences that go beyond conventional recovery methods. This includes not only breaking free from the physical dependency on substances but also addressing the underlying mental and emotional aspects of addiction.

Through soap-making workshops, Getting Clean offers a unique and therapeutic experience, providing peer-to-peer support, a supportive space for individuals on their recovery path, and building transferable skills to increase their employability.

The soaps go on to be sold on stalls and in their online store, raising funds to support the CIC. Their current aim is to sell more soap so that they can begin to employ their volunteers, paying them for their time and work.

Their members also actively engage in conservation projects and community clean-ups, combining environmental initiatives with personal and community betterment. These activities offer meaningful participation for members, fostering a sense of purpose and community belonging, while also improving local environments and facilities. They have formed meaningful partnerships with local businesses, government bodies, charities, and prisons in order to expand their impact.

Through their initiatives, Getting Clean is not only fostering personal development and contributing to the community. They are also addressing addiction stigma, recognising that addiction is a complex and pervasive issue that affects not only the individuals caught in its grip but also the wider community. They aim to inspire and challenge public perceptions about addiction, showcasing the potential for positive change and growth.

Funds from John Good Group’s Grants for Good will help Getting Clean increase the frequency and capacity of their therapeutic soap-making workshops, allowing for more participants, as well as help them increase their community engagement through repair and conservation projects.

“We’re really pleased to be shortlisted! This recognition is a great encouragement for us, showing that our approach is making an impact and is valued.

The support from the Matthew Good Foundation will be incredibly helpful for us. It will allow us to expand our reach and continue challenging addiction stereotypes, while also contributing to community and environmental wellbeing.

This acknowledgement is not just for our team; it’s a recognition of the strength of our community. We’re thankful for this chance to extend our efforts.”

Richard Ives

Getting Clean CIC

“Getting Clean CIC was set up by Chris, who has experience of addiction having been in recovery for some time. With professional experience in supporting addicts, Chris came up with his unique idea to offer support by building friendships, integrating into the community and developing employability skills.

Chris has built a great board of trustees who work well together and includes a valuable range of expertise, as well as lived experience of addiction. They have a clear and credible strategy and plan, and I’m sure they will continue to increase their social impact as they help more people on their recovery journey.”

Michelle Taft

Executive Director, Matthew Good Foundation

Latest Project Updates

February 2024

Grants for Good Finalist

Getting Clean CIC has become one of the top five finalists in the latest Grants for Good round, and will receive a grant between £2000 and £5000 after employees at the John Good Group have voted on their favourite causes.