Market Field Farm

Market Field Farm enables young adults with a learning disability, autism and/or ADHD to access meaningful paid employment. Working with local people, companies and parish councils to conserve natural habitats, create wildlife-friendly gardens and help maintain public spaces with conservation and nature in mind, the charity gives young people with learning disabilities a stepping stone into work.

January 2022

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Market Field Farm is a fantastic new charity, created to help young people with learning disabilities get into work. Their working environment is supportive, yet challenging and each young person gains skills to further their independence whilst at work. 

They operate an enterprise, under the charity, called Market Field Grows that works alongside organisations to undertake conservation, gardening and maintenance work. For one of their recent projects, the team planted 46,724 trees between December 2021 and April 2022, and between November 2022 and April 2023 they aim to plant 80,000 trees! Each day they have a team of two alongside a team leader who undertakes tree planting to create hedgerows and wildlife corridors; connecting existing woodland. They plant at a rate of between 500 and 600 tree ‘whips’ per day. 

Further projects booked in for the summer include rewilding a balancing pond on a small housing development and the creation of a food forest to support learning and visits from local schools. The team of seven young people have been working since 29th November 2021. Already, the families and their tutors have seen positive changes across many areas of their young person’s life. For most, if not all, this is the first opportunity they have had to be independent from their family, school or college – and all have embraced the opportunity and love being part of a team, meeting new people, learning about the work they’re undertaking and contributing to a large scale project.

With demand for their services high, coupled with the positive outcomes, the charity wants to expand and create a second team. Our funds will help purchase the equipment needed to get the second team up and running.

“Only 5% of people with a learning disability, ADHD or autism will secure meaningful, paid employment. There is no other section of our society where this figure is as high or would be accepted. However, with the right support, which we’ve found to be minimal, young people can work and flourish once they finish their full-time education. We have put together a team, who benefit not just by earning money, but by meeting new people and gaining confidence through their success – all whilst helping conserve nature and support conservation groups. Receiving funding means we can continue our enterprise and ensure many young people have bright futures – it really does change lives.


Market Field Farm

Sam is so passionate about the woods and preserving them to increase biodiversity, but she is also delighted by the sense of community it brings amongst its volunteers and people using the woodland. Having facilities will open up the woods to more people, allow them to educate people on conservation and biodiversity and attract other community groups. It will also provide a much-needed space for the volunteers to work in bad weather.

Michelle Taft

Executive Director, Matthew Good Foundation

Latest Project Updates

April 2023

Amplify Charity Film Released

After first meeting Market Field Farm when they won the Grants for Good vote in 2021, the charity have been going from strength to strength as they expand, and for 2023 we've funded this film for them.

January 2022

Awarded £3,500

After becoming one of the top five finalists in the latest round of Grants for Good, Market Field Farm came first in the employee vote and was granted £3,500.