b"Grassroots ProjectsFilm to raise awareness & help share R;pple's storyWe first met R;pple SuicidePrevention when they applied forour Grants for Good programme. Inaddition to their 3,500 grant tohelp the charity grow, we funded afilm to help them share their story.As a new charity, R;pple relied solely on ateam of skilled volunteers who were givingup their time to develop R;pple. As such,R;pple did not have the funds, people or timeto professionally produce a film to help themraise awareness, so we stepped in to help.The film is a HUGE help for us!The overall goal of the film was to encourageWe use it in our presentations to organisations, such as universities, schools anduniversities, businesses and colleges to download the R;pple tool for free tohelp safeguard children and young adults fromcorporates to promote the tool harmful content online.and share my story. The film isalso on our website and posted R;pple's feedback on the impact of the film hason our social media very been fantastic, and we're delighted that it ishelping R;pple achieve its mission toregularly. Its helped us to 'Help them save lives and create awareness'.achieve over 100,000 downloadsand save over 22 lives from Watch the R;pple film here:suicide.https://youtu.be/6HPDesqdjIIThank you again for all of yoursupport this year."