b'Grassroots Projects20,000 grant over 2 yearsGreen Fins is a proven conservationmanagement approach spearheaded bythe Reef-World Foundation inpartnership with the UN EnvironmentProgrammewhich leads to ameasurable reduction in the negativeenvironmental impacts associated withthe marine tourism industry.The initiative aims to protect and conserve coralreefs through environmentally friendly guidelinesthat promote a sustainable diving and snorkellingtourism industry. It provides the onlyinternationally recognised environmentalstandards for the diving and snorkelling industryand has a robust assessment system to measure Matthew Good Foundationcompliance.has worked closely withGreen Fins encourages and empowers members Reef-World to support ourof the diving industry to act to reduce the mission and helped thepressures on coral reefs by offering dive andsnorkel companies practical, low-cost organisation grow, enablingalternatives to harmful practicessuch as us to adapt and develop theanchoring, fish feeding and chemical pollution as well as providing strategic training, support Green Fins initiative,and resources. In addition, by reducing the local including the Green Finsdirect and indirect pressures tourism puts on Hub that is in development.coral reefs, it helps make corals healthier andmore resilient to other stresses such as theeffects of climate change. Albeit a small team based out of Bristol, theimpact of the Reef-World Foundation is huge,and they continue to enact positive and lastingchanges to the marine environment and thecommunities in which they work.'