b'Grassroots Projects6,000 grant over 3 yearsIn 2019, the Matthew Good Foundationawarded a grant of 6,000 to TheJunction, a community project at HedonMethodist Church, to support and developits community outreach.We are delighted to report that, despite thepandemic, the Junction has developed intoa user friendly and welcoming space akin toa cafe. It has become a mainstay in thecommunity as both a venue and, moreimportantly, a community group. The Matthew Good Foundation funding issupporting its community outreach anddevelopment. For example, due to thedevelopment of The Junction, Cruse now From an initial concept andoffers a monthly bereavement drop-insession, and its recently awarded creating the right space andCommunity IT Hub status will bring plenty environment 3 and a half yearsof activity and visitors to the Junction for ago, the Junction has developeddigital training and support. Its namesake,the Coffee & Cake session called The into a thriving community andJunction,runs weekly from 2-4 pm on support network for the localThursdays and is the catalyst for much of area. It has helped volunteers tothis activity. grow in confidence andThis independent group of local volunteers community and has provided arun weekly informal coffee & cake vital and positive place for manyafternoons for local adults. They network who are isolated, lonely andwidely with care homes, communitygroups, the town council, businesses, and vulnerable. The fundingword of mouth. This quickly became a provided has brought aboutthriving hub for the local community. It both stability and confidence toclosed due to Covid in late March 2020 butreopened in April 2021 and continues to be grow. a hive of activity.'