b"Grassroots Projects30,000 grant over 3 yearsThe Northwoods Rewilding Network launchedin April 2022 to bring together a varied groupof land partners across Scotland withmedium-sized holdings (50 to 1,000 acres)who aspire to rewild some or all of their land.Initial targets were to enrol 20 land partnersand commit at least 2,000 acres to rewildingby the end of the two year developmentperiod. In less than a year, they have alreadydoubled the anticipated partners, with anaggregate land tally of 10,000 acres demonstrating the vast appetite for rewildingat this scale.The network includes crofts, farms, small Creating and promoting more rewildingestates and community woodlands, spanning stories to showcase their partnersthe breadth and depth of Scotland, with each rewilding plans, actions and nature-basedat a different stage in their rewilding journey. enterprise successes.Launching rewilding investment productsThis year's focus has been on establishing to generate more income for rewildingplans and agreements with partners, actions and provide long-term support forfacilitating peer-to-peer connection and the network.support, completing baseline ecology surveys Creating a robust plan for the continuedand encouraging targeted rewilding actions. operation of the network after thedevelopment phase, including an approachAs the project moves into the second to long-term monitoring and measurementdevelopment year, its focus is on: of outcomes.Continuing to selectively increase theirnumber of land partners, broadening boththe geographical range and diversity of Thanks so much for your valuedland use within the network. support of the network - its work isAllocating money from the NorthwoodsRewilding Fund to enable more rewilding making a huge difference for nature,actions, particularly those not covered by climate and people.existing grant schemes."