b'Grassroots ProjectsIn 2021, we supported severalgrassroots projects focused onclimate action, life on land, lifebelow water, clean water &sanitation and good health &wellbeing.10,500 grant over 3 yearsThe Cordillera Region is a large mountainousregion in the North of the Philippines and a long-standing stronghold for various indigenousgroups, including the more well known Igorotpeople. Over the centuries, they have largelybeen left happily to live their traditional liveswhilst world wars, and an increasinglywesternising society havent displaced them.However, with a new dictatorship and anincreasingly corrupt government, theyre now The protection of indigenous groups, Iunder threat more than ever. feel, is incredibly important. As humans,Due to the political situation and the delicate we look back on our history and culturebalance that has to be played with indigenous proudly and yet, in so many cases, wegroups, Land is Life works with a local regret the way we have treated races andorganisation called the Cordillera Peoples cultures that have been wiped out byAlliance, and it is this group that we are helping. colonialism, colonisation and slavery. Thefew indigenous groups around the worldThe Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) is an that remain still suffer significantly fromindependent federation of smaller groups, most various factors, including climate change,of them grassroots-based organisations among but in this case, their own Government,indigenous communities in the Cordillera Region. who should be protecting them as part ofLand is Life, and the CPA are committed to their national heritage.promoting and defending indigenous peoplesrights, human rights, social justice, and national Tim Good, Chairmanfreedom and democracy. Matthew Good Foundation'