b'Grants for GoodTigers4Ever - 1,000 GrantGiving wild tigers a wild futureTigers4Ever is a small UK registeredcharity run by a board of volunteerTrustees who donate their time to helpgive wild tigers a wild future. This smallcharity operates in BandhavgarhNational Park in India. It implements community-focused tigerconservation projects such as anti-poachingpatrols, educational programmes and thecreation of new safe, permanent waterholes fortigers and other wild animals whose naturalwater sources have been affected by climatechange. Bandhavgarh has one of the highest densitiesof wild tigers in India, where forests andwildlife are disappearing at an alarming rate. Due to climate change, existing wildlifewaterholes previously replenished by rainwaterhave become dry or almost dry. Hence, wildlifeneeds to look elsewhere for water, leading toincreased human-animal conflict due to cropraiding and livestock predation.Our funding has helped fund a new waterholein Bandhavgarh in Madhya Pradesh, India. TheThe forests are home to wild tigers,project provides a solar-powered borehole leopards, elephants, pangolin, slothpump system for medium-large waterholes fortigers/other wildlife. The bore-well uses bears and other critically endangeredunderground sources to provide wildlife water speciesbut this habitat is decliningyear-round. Surplus water returns via at an alarming rate due to climatesoakaway systems. The charity installed two change and human impact. Withmore systems in 2018 to provide water for your help, we want to restore thiseight tigers & countless other wildlife. Their vital habitat to maintain its sensitivesolar pumps provide water at 8 locations and ecological balance."provide water for 32+ wild tigers. This hasreduced human-animal conflict in nearbyvillages.'