b'Grants for GoodKhushi Kantha - 1,000 GrantEmpowering mothers in Bangladesh to provide for theirchildren with dignity.Khushi Kantha aims to create opportunities for mothersin Bangladesh by using their existing embroidery skillsto create products that are marketable in high-incomecountries such as the UK. Every purchase will empowera mother in Bangladesh to provide for her children withdignity and contribute to the circular economy. Funding from the Matthew Good Foundation will beused towards setting up full-scale production inBangladesh to help Khushi Kantha become asustainable social enterprise and create sustainableincomes for mothers in Bangladesh.Friends of Garrowby Orchard - 1,000 Grant2.5 hectares of community woodland, community orchardand greenspaceWhen the site that the Friends of Garrowby Orchardlook after was handed into the care of local residents,they began to do something quite extraordinary. Theyspoke with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and, under theirguidance, set about transforming a mundane bit ofland into an oasis for both people and wildlife.Our funds will be used to purchase equipment tomaintain the footpaths, making the greenspaceaccessible to wheelchairs and baby buggies andallowing for running and walking exercise. There is alsoa five-a-side football pitch and hard standing forexercise and recreation.As well as improving residents and visitors mentaland physical well-being, it is a space wherebiodiversity can increase, and nature can flourish withthe minimum of human intervention.'