b'Grants for GoodShowerBox - 2,000 GrantProviding showers and support for homeless peopleWhile volunteering for various homeless organisations,Sarah Lamptey learned of the enormous need for showersfor homeless people in London. After a successfulfundraising campaign, Sarah purchased a trailer andconverted it into a mobile shower unit, which has beenoperating in London ever since. Wanting to help more people around the UK, ShowerBoxis now looking to expand to other UK cities such asBirmingham and Manchester. Our funds will helpShowerBox buy and convert a new van and take it to thestreets.Freely Fruity - 1,000 GrantProviding locally grown food for the communityFreely Fruity began life in March 2020 after threefriends (Ryan, James and Matt) decided to follow theirdream of making fruit freely available to everyone.Their first plan was to plant fruit trees and bushes inlocal communities and have these trees provide food topeople and wildlife alike. However, there was asecondary benefit beyond sustenance; the trees woulddirectly reduce carbon emissions and lower the carbonfootprint of shop-bought fruit.However, the charity had only just put down rootswhen the Covid-19 pandemic began. They becameaware of the communitys increasing dependency onlocal food banks, but there seemed to be a lack offresh, healthy produce available to people who reallyneeded it. They wanted to do something about that, sothey changed their plans to include a communityallotment and started planting produce for the foodbanks.'