b'Grants for GoodYorkshire Rewilding Project - 2,000 GrantSupporting rewilding projects in YorkshireThe Yorkshire Rewilding Network aims to bringtogether anyone in the region who is interested inrewilding to inspire one another, share knowledgeand experience, and work towards a brighter, moresustainable future for all inhabitants - be theycreatures great or small.They want to bring rewilding to the forefront inYorkshire by connecting like-minded people acrossthe region. So, whether youre actively rewilding orlearning about it for the first time, their network isa place to share ideas and experiences, find outabout projects near you, learn more about ways toget involved and be inspired to take action.Our grant will make a big difference to thefledgeling charity, which so far has been runentirely by a small group of dedicated volunteers.High Peak Homeless Help - 2,000 GrantSupporting the homeless in and around the Peak DistrictHigh Peak Homeless Help exists to assist homelesspeople, those experiencing housing-related issues, andalso address the root causes of homelessness in theirarea. They support people in and around High Peakand the Peak District, including people who come intotheir area from the surrounding cities. Our funding will go towards emergency rucksacks thatare provided to homeless people who are roofless orsofa-surfing and contain lots of essential items, and 3-seasons tents which are given to people who aresleeping rough or in very unsatisfactory conditions.'