b'Grants for GoodStill Good Food - 2,500 GrantMinimising food waste and combating food povertyStill Good Food is a local independent charity workingto reduce food waste. They do this by redistributingsurplus food and food up to and beyond its Best BeforeDate, but that is still good to eat, from supermarketsand other local retailers, producers and growersthrough their shop in Bury St Edmunds on a pay as youfeel basis. This helps combat food waste and helps tosupport many low-income families as they can accessgood food for a small donation. Funds will be used to support the salaries of the ProjectCoordinators. Initially staffed by volunteers until 12months ago, they now employ two coordinators whoshare a total of 28 hours per week. This dedicatedresource has helped the charity grow in the last yearrather than relying solely on volunteers who cannotalways give their time. This means they can reduce foodwaste and help more people on low incomes.We are so excited to be shortlistedfor this funding; this will makesuch a difference to our project aswe will be able to continue theemployment of our dedicatedProject Coordinators who worktirelessly to manage every aspectof what we do to help feed ourlocal community and reduce foodwaste to help reduce climatechange and its effects on theenvironment.'