b"Grants for GoodHull & East Yorkshire PowerChair Football Club3,500 GrantHull & East Yorkshire PowerchairFootball Club gives disabled people whouse a wheelchair or powerchair thechance to play powerchair football ateither a social or competitive level. This allows physically disabled people to play a fast-paced team game, something that most of itsmembers have never been able to do. Most of theclubs members are people that cant physically playsports like wheelchair basketball and struggle tofind a team sport they can take part in This means so much to the charity;independently. we can continue to give disabledpeople in the Hull & East YorkshireAlthough playing football is the reason the players region the chance to play football atget together, for some of the clubs members, both a competitive and social level.attending the club is a way of getting out and about This will also enable their families orand away from the typical day to day troubles of carers to have the chance to socialiseliving with a severe and often life-limiting disability. with other parents/carers/families, soAs well as playing powerchair football, players they don't feel alone in the society.attend to socialise with other people who may have Powerchair Football is so much morea condition similar to themselves and for their family than a sport. It's a life-changer. Weor carers to network with others to talk about their are one big community!daily struggles. Funds from the Matthew Good Foundation will gotowards purchasing a new Powerchair. Due to thecost of the chairs, providing Powerchairs for itsmembers is essential for giving everyone theopportunity to get involved and give Powerchairfootball a try.electriceelspfc.com"