b"Championing GrantsNational Park RescueWith 60% of the planet's wildlife wiped out in50 years and many species facing imminentextinction, traditional conservation efforts haveindisputably failed. The world now has a 10-year window to finally give wildlife theprotection it deserves. National Park Rescuesaves African National Parks on the brink ofcollapse using no-nonsense direct-actionoperations to restore effective lawenforcement, shut down corruption andreconnect the surrounding communities key toa park's long term survival. Hull Community Urban DiggersHull Community Diggers is a small communitygroup of gardeners, allotmenteers, and ex-service personnel who have regenerated anurban green space over the past three years.Promoting personal, social and communitydevelopment and support for mental well-being,they use gardening for headspace and exercise,social inclusion, and allowing residents to giveback to their community.They grow several varieties of vegetables and fruit, which promote healthy living, and surpluscrops are sold and donated to the local community.Beverley Road, where we are situated, is one of the most socially deprived areas within the cityof Hull. Most of its members are people who, without Hull Community Diggers, would be sociallyisolated or withdrawn from the community."