Trampette’s Sponsored Sleepout Accomplished

The Trampette’s successfully completed our sponsored sleep out on Friday night. With over 30 people in attendance after brief introductions, a game of people bingo to break the ice and our last hot, none alcoholic, brew we bedded down for the night. Luckily the rain held off until the early hours of the morning when we were awoken with an impromptu start. We lasted the duration and after a nice breakfast sandwich provided by the booth centre we were rewarded with our certificates and sent on our way.

The event aimed to highlight and provide an idea of just what the homeless face on the streets every night in a harmless and quite upbeat way for the people attending. Whilst we were given a brief insight, the hardships the homeless face are unimaginable. We had the privilege of meeting a couple of homeless people who very bravely shared with us some of their struggles, another actually spent

the night on the same patch of grass as we did and said the next day how safe he felt.

So far we have raised over £600 which after match funding will be well over the £1000 mark. Our target of £400 between the four of us has well and truly been smashed and we can

only thank all of you that kindly donated to this worthwhile cause for making this happen.

Now for the bit you’ve all been waiting for..