The Deep receives £500 from the Matthew Good Foundation

Following an application from our member Sarah Coates, Learning and Development Advisor at the John Good Group head office in Hull, the Foundation has donated £500 to The Deep in Hull. The Deep is an international player in marine conservation, working on pioneering research schemes to protect the future of our oceans. The Deep is one of many zoos and aquariums fighting for survival as the UK-wide lockdown due to coronavirus continues.


The closure during The Deep’s busiest months of the year is having a major impact on finances, and despite the doors being closed to the public, essential work caring for the 3,000 animals must continue.

As an educational charity, The Deep receives no external funding or subsidies. It is 100% reliant on self-generated income with visitor admissions making up the bulk of this.

The Foundation’s contribution will go directly to feeding the animals, in particular, the rescue turtles who have a very specific diet and the colony of Gentoo penguins. The turtles are fed by hand as they both have lower jaw amputations from being caught on longlines in the Mediterranean. The Deep is their forever home as they are now un-releasable due to the support they need.

Loggerhead Turtle The Deep

We look forward to visiting The Deep and meeting the turtles and the penguins in the future.