Supporting the Friends of Mires Beck Nursery

John Rutherford, the John Good Group’s Deputy Chairman, recently applied to the Foundation for a Championing Grant from the Matthew Good Foundation to support the Friends of Mires Beck Nursery.

Mires Beck Nursery

Mires Beck Nursery is a registered charity providing opportunities for people who have a learning difficulty or disability to be involved in a working horticultural nursery. The Nursery was initially established in 1985 by founders Richard and Irene Tinklin who acquired a 10-acre site just to the south of the village of North Cave in the East Riding of Yorkshire. They aimed to establish a nursery producing wildflowers for conservation projects. They also had a vision of Mires Beck being a place where people could come to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening and horticulture.

John applied for £1,000 to support the trainees at Mires Beck Nursery and specifically to publish a Herb Recipe Book. The recipe book is a collaboration between members of the Nursery Herb Team and the Friends. All proceeds from this recipe book will go directly to the Mires Beck Development Fund. Its ambition is to provide vital new facilities for adults with complex and additional needs to enable them to take a fuller part in the life of the Nursery and the local community.