Stuart Gosling Champions ‘Somersham Ward Support Group’ with £500 Donation

Back in December last year, Stuart Gosling applied to the Matthew Good Foundation to Champion a local charity – Somersham Ward Cancer Unit Support Group. Stuart has experienced first hand the work of the charity and Stuart’s application is the latest in a series of fundraising efforts over the years which have included a sponsored walk and a quiz night.

Somersham Ward Support Group was founded in 1986. During its 34 years, it has raised over £1.5 million to support patients and their families within the oncology unit at Ipswich Hospital.

The officials and members, who work on a totally voluntary basis, come from all walks of life and many have had first-hand experience of cancer.

There are many ways in which the Group has improved the quality of life for those on the ward, both in the provision of medical equipment and added comforts. There is also a visitors room with tea and coffee making facilities and overnight accommodation is available. All patients on the ward receive Christmas and Easter presents from the group.

The Group works very closely with all the staff at the Hospital to ensure that the best possible use is made of available resources.