Steve Whitfield – Stroke Association Fund raising

A big Well done to Steve Whitfield who completed a 10 km run a while back in aid of the Stroke Association raised final amount confirmed GBP 390.00 Well above his personal Target .The foundation has also Matchfunded the campaign below are pictures ..

Steve `s Story

Monday 19th January 1976 was when our world changed forever. I was 13 at the time. It was about 8.30 in the evening. Mum was sewing a button on one of Dad’s shirts ready for him to go to work on the night shift at Ford’s Dagenham !! She called out that she couldn’t get up from the Sofa…..they were

the last coherent words she could manage for a long time !

There isn’t a day goes by that i don’t think about Mum, struggling to try and cope with just the basic day to day tasks like dressing, washing, even making a cup of Tea, which just wasn’t possible. Watching Dad tending to her, run the

house and keep a full time job was equally hard. We did what we could

but you always feel, it was never enough, barely just adequate !

A Stroke can happen at any time, at any age, to anyone, without warning or any prior illness and i feel very lucky that i am in a position with my current health that I can try and make some kind of little contribution towards this

Society. I am asking for your help in trying to fund raise as much money as possible towards research and also improving the quality of life of other Stroke victims.

Thank you.