Protecting the Pygmy people of the Congo

The Pygmy tribes of the Congo are one of the few remaining traditional tribes in the rain forests of our world. They are critically under threat from logging companies and a rapidly modernising culture who do not see the value in protecting their own indigenous peoples. We support an NGO who aims to setup trading cooperatives within the Congo which add value for products that the Pygmy people collect.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo there is a group called the Pygmy people. They live in the forests and are specialists at hunting and gathering in sustainable ways. They have done this for millennia. 

In order to protect these people our Foundation is helping an organisation called Land Is Life. They have launched an initiative called the ‘Economic Empowerment of Pygmy Women‘ is designed to improve pygmy women’s economic standing; expand their programmes in the communities in a way that is guided by protecting the natural environment; ensure that the communities are well informed of their land rights; and establish a conservation-based economic empowerment program to support equality for pygmy women throughout their broader society.

We have committed funding for 3 years to help get this initiative from a concept to reality. Further funding will be considered after 3 years dependent on outcomes and impact.