Inga Alley Cropping

Slash and burn farming is rapidly destroying the world’s remaining rain forests and sending vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Yet for more than 250 million farmers across the world, it is the only way they can survive. By supporting the work of the Inga Foundation we can change this by supporting farmers to take up an alternative sustainable farming technique.

In 2019 we were introduced to an experienced tropical ecologist and scientific researcher, Mike Hands. He established a revolutionary agricultural system of Inga alley cropping which he developed after years of scientific research into slash and burn farming.

The principle is that a farmer can plant rows of this nitrogen-fixing Inga tree species, capable of maintaining soil fertility and good harvests year after year. This hereby breaks the cycle of slash & burn, allowing families to gain long term food security on one piece of land.

Although the purpose of the Inga Foundation is not to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, we’ve been working with the Inga Foundation to help them quantify the amount of CO2 saved via their projects. This means they could become accredited for Carbon Finance when companies and individuals offset their carbon emissions. If successful this could provide long term funding for this very worthwhile project!

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