Working Wardrobe

Working Wardrobe aids individuals seeking employment. Set up after the covid pandemic highlighted the prevalence of clothing poverty, their four hubs in South Wales provide quality workwear and interview attire to boost confidence and help people into careers. Also, by collaborating with community partners they repurpose any clothing donations they can’t use, ensuring no item goes to landfill.

December 2023

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During the pandemic, it became apparent that people who had lost their job or were looking for employment were struggling with clothing poverty. The Working Wardrobe project, started by the Moxie Foundation, donates interview clothing to people looking for work in communities across South Wales.

From their three hubs based across South Wales, Working Wardrobe provide good quality work wear and interview attire to those in need of a boost of confidence and self-belief, helping them to take that all-important first step towards a new, meaningful career.

The clothing provided helps people such as Yulia, who fled Ukraine in 2022 with her two children, arriving in Wales with nothing. She approached Working Wardrobe as she had secured a role within the Local Authority but did not have clothing to be able to carry out her day-to-day role. As well as providing an interview outfit, Working Wardrobe provided Yulia with 5 outfits to be able to maintain the position she had been offered.

The charity also has an environmental conscience, with issues such as carbon emissions, sea-life affected by microplastics from clothing, the energy and water needed to produce clothing and the increasing numbers of items going into the landfill, something they wish to tackle. Through their links with partners such as the University of Wales Fashion and Textiles course and the Cardiff West Community High School re-purposing project, they ensure that no donation they receive ends up in landfill and is re-used or re-purposed.

Working Wardrobe have recently opened a hub within the Cardiff and Vale College, run by volunteers from their English as a Second Language (ESOL) course, their most diverse hub yet providing culturally appropriate clothing as well as being run by students improving their communication skills.

For their next project they are hoping to trial a hub within Cardiff West Community High School helping pupils with clothing for work placements – a project that will also allow pupils the opportunity to run the facility.

Funds from the Grants for Good programme will help Working Wardrobe purchase items needed for its growing number of hubs and also go towards their running costs to help support them as they continue to expand.

“Being a clothing charity may seem frivolous to some, but being your best self at an interview can provide endless opportunities.

We believe in people – thank you for believing in us!”

Rachel Rodrigues

The Moxie Foundation

Rachel, who leads the Moxie Foundation, is hugely passionate about this project and is doing a brilliant job of driving the charity’s growth and expansion after the founders saw that there was an issue for those unable to afford appropriate workwear or interview clothing.

What we wear can make a massive difference to our self-confidence and even prevent us from getting a job if it’s inappropriate. This charity empowers people to feel prepared for interviews and workplaces by supporting those in need with suitable clothing. It may not sound like a big deal, but it can make such a difference in giving people the self-belief they need to move forward.”

Michelle Taft

Executive Director, Matthew Good Foundation

Latest Project Updates

December 2023

£2,000 Granted

After employees at the John Good Group voted for their favourite causes, Working wardrobe received a grant of £2,000.

December 2023

Grants for Good Finalist

The Working Wardrobe Project from the Moxie Foundation has become one of the top five finalists in the latest Grants for Good round, and will receive a grant between £2000 and £5000 after employees at the John Good Group have voted on their favourite causes.