Walking 4 Hope

Walking 4 hope is a charity that supports families and young people who find it difficult to deal with the pressures that day to day life presents, including those experiencing or at risk of poor mental health. They ​provide recreational/leisure time activities in the interest of social welfare, and offer practical advice, support and signposting to other organisations when required. They also educate the wider public on mental health through the distribution of material produced by expert organisations.

December 2023

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Walking 4 Hope is committed to supporting mental well-being through a variety of walking and outdoor activity groups. Their walks cater to a wide range of abilities, from gentle strolls suitable for young children to challenging hikes for the more experienced. All walks are provided free of charge.

Their Wednesday Well-Being Walks in the Mansfield and Ashfield areas range from 3-8 miles in length and provide the perfect starting point for new group members. They also invite families to join their Family Activity Walks, which offer games and trails designed for children. For those seeking a more adventurous experience, Family Adventure Hikes cover 4-8 miles of diverse terrain. And for those looking for an expert level challenge, they offer scrambles and mountain challenges.

The charity’s current aim is to expand their network and range of activities, helping more individuals build resilience through nature and engage in activities that support well-being and foster good mental health. They have recently raised the funds needed to purchase a mini-bus, which will enable them to support larger groups. Next, they hope to acquire a plot of land as a base for overnight camping and survival training experiences.

The charity’s journey is inspired by their Director, John, who found solace in the outdoors after tragically losing his son, Jake, to suicide in 2020. John dedicates his life to ensuring that others do not suffer as he has, by sharing his love for his son and promoting the healing power of nature.

Latest Project Updates

Granted £3,500
December 2023

£4,000 Granted

After being nominated by an employee from the SDL Minorfern Mansfield Branch to receive a grant, Walking for Hope has been successfully shortlisted and awarded £4,000 from the Minorfern Foundation.