Sailors’ Children’s Society

Sailors’ Children’s Society is a national charity that provides support to children whose parent has made a living at sea or from the inland canals or rivers. They help mariners from fishing fleets, Royal Navy and Merchant Navy families including ferries, cruise ships, cargo ships and offshore industries.

July 2024

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The Sailors’ Children’s Society is a national charity dedicated to supporting children whose parents have earned a livelihood at sea or on inland canals and rivers. They assist mariners from fishing fleets, Royal Navy, and Merchant Navy families, including those in ferries, cruise ships, cargo ships, and offshore industries.

Since 1821, the society has helped over 48,000 disadvantaged children across the UK.

Their support includes education grants, crisis assistance, and developmental opportunities, aimed at ensuring children can thrive despite the challenges their families may be facing.

Their film highlights the charity’s extensive support network through powerful personal stories, and aims to inspire others to support the Society, showcasing the tangible difference the charity makes in people’s lives.

Some photos from the film launch…

Latest Project Updates

June 2024

Film Launch hosted by John Good Group

The John Good Group have hosted the launch of the Sailors' Children's Socitey documentary at thie rnew office, Quarry House on Hesslewood Business Park.

October 2023

Adam raises over £3000 for Sailors' Children's Society

Adam Walsh – CEO of the John Good Group – has completed an ambitious 212-mile cycle ride for charity. Starting at the Severn Bridge in Gloucestershire, the ride spanned seven English counties and 212 miles, ending up in Adam’s home county of East Yorkshire at the Humber Bridge.