PramDepot provides emergency baby boxes to vulnerable pregnant women lacking essential supplies, focusing on those in London who have minimal support from government or local authorities. Each month, around 40 women and their newborns receive quality clothing, feeding, and sleeping equipment in gift boxes that ensure mothers feel valued. The organisation collects preloved items from public donations, diverting thousands from landfills, and also use funding to provide new items such as pumps and sterilisers.

June 2024

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PramDepot provides emergency baby boxes to vulnerable pregnant women who lack essential baby supplies in London. These boxes, containing a mix of new and preloved items donated by the local community, offer everything a new mother needs for her baby’s first three months. Additionally, the box itself can serve as a safe sleeping space if a cot or Moses basket is not available.

The organisation focuses on women with minimal support from government or local authorities. This includes asylum seekers, individuals with irregular migration status, women fleeing domestic violence, and those involved in the criminal justice system. Every box is thoughtfully prepared and beautifully presented as a gift from PramDepot and the community, ensuring each mother feels valued.

Each month, PramDepot supports around 40 women and their newborns, enhancing infant safety by providing quality clothing, safe feeding and sleeping equipment, and guidance on their use. This assistance helps reduce stress for mothers in challenging circumstances, allowing them more time to bond with and care for their babies.

“I received a baby box with baby items and it made feel that someone else (not only me) was celebrating my baby’s arrival, it made me so happy and feeling that I was not alone!”

While some items like breast pumps and sterilisers are new, many are donated preloved items. PramDepot holds weekly donation days for the community to drop off gently used baby items.

As the only organisation in the Haringey area specialising in reusing baby items, PramDepot diverts thousands of items from landfills each year, making a significant environmental impact while providing crucial support to those in need. They work closely with referral organisations to ensure their efforts complement existing baby bank services rather than duplicating them, and larger items are passed on to larger baby-banks for distribution.

Funds awarded in this grant will cover the cost of essential new baby items like slings, breast pumps, toiletries, and mattresses, estimated at £12,000 annually. This will ensure a continued supply of safe, high-quality items, despite rising prices over the past year.

We’re delighted to be able to keep supporting vulnerable new mums and their newborn babies across London with vital baby clothes and equipment.

We’re a tiny organisation, supporting women who don’t have any other avenues available, so donations like these really make a huge difference!

Oonagh Ryder

Pram Depot

“PramDepot is led by Oonagh and Karen who have both worked in the sector for a long time. It originated as a living art exhibition in 2015, evolving into a service supporting vulnerable women in crises. The organisation now supports around 400 women and babies annually, providing crucial aid in crisis situations.

Service users emphasize the emotional impact of the baby box, offering a sense of care and safety in the absence of support networks, contributing significantly to their well-being during challenging times.”

Michelle Taft

Executive Director, Matthew Good Foundation

Latest Project Updates

Granted £3,500
July 2024

£3,500 Granted

After employees at the John Good Group voted for their favourite causes, Pram Depot received a grant of £3,500

June 2024

Grants for Good Finalist

PramDepot has become one of the top five finalists in the latest Grants for Good round, and will receive a grant between £2000 and £5000 after employees at the John Good Group have voted on their favourite causes.