National Park Rescue

National Park Rescue works to protect African national parks at risk due to the poaching of wildlife. They work on the ground with locally recruited people to restore law enforcement and tackle corruption where it is affecting a park’s long-term survival.

2022 - 2024

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With 60% of the planet’s wildlife lost in the last 50 years and many species threatened with extinction in the next ten years, their future relies on organisations that can effectively protect the biodiversity that is left, whilst also serving local communities.

National Park Rescue’s work focusses on three main areas: rescue operations that target African national parks on the edge of collapse, professional security to protect parks and their wildlife from corruption, and poverty alleviation, providing conservation jobs and training to local people.

Latest Project Updates


Granted £30,000

Over the next three years, the Matthew Good Foundaiton will support National Pak Rescue with three grants of £10,000