Friends of Garrowby Orchard

When the site that the Friends of Garrowby Orchard look after was handed into the care of local residents, they began to do something quite extraordinary. They spoke with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, and under their guidance set about transforming a mundane bit of land into an oasis for both people and wildlife.

July 2021

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he Friends of Garrowby Orchard are a group of local residents and volunteers who look after the Setting Dyke Community Greenspace in Hull. 

The Community Greenspace is 2.5 hectares of community woodland, community orchard and greenspace. It is open to anyone at any time of the year to go and explore and experience nature in the city of Hull. It is managed with the lightest of touches so that nature and biodiversity can thrive.

Residents and volunteers keep the fields clear of litter. They also keep the Willerby Carr Dyke free of the usual rubbish often dumped into urban watercourses. It has become a home to various water insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles and small mammals. The diversity of plant life has increased as nature takes advantage of the space.

Our funds will be used to purchase equipment to maintain the footpaths which make the greenspace accessible to wheelchairs and baby buggies and allow for running and walking exercise. There is also a five-a-side football pitch and hard standing for exercise and recreation.

As well as improving residents’ and visitors’ mental and physical wellbeing, it is a space where biodiversity can increase and nature is able to flourish with the minimum of human intervention. 

THANK YOU to all at Matthew Good Foundation and the John Good Group. Any funding will make a tremendous difference not just in allowing the good work that residents and volunteers are doing to continue, but also to know that the work ordinary people are doing for themselves and neighbours, and for the many visitors who they may never know or meet, is being recognised as making a difference in their part of the city of Hull. It will importantly show that we are on the right track for making space for nature and humans, and that their community greenspace is being cared for beyond the city of Hull.


Friends of Garrowby Orchard

What a brilliant example of what can be done with unused council land. Both the community and biodiversity benefits are clear to see. Garrowby Orchard is now home to an abundance of wildlife, including the greater spotted woodpecker, egrets, magpies, mallards, blue-tits, four species of bats, insects, newts, and deer and foxes are regular visitors too. There are many varieties of plants, flowers and trees, and by managing the space with a light touch, the Friends allow nature to take its course. It’s a wonderful community space within the city boundary and somewhere residents have taken solace in during the pandemic.

Michelle Taft

Executive Director, Matthew Good Foundation

Latest Project Updates

July 2021

Granted £1,000

After becoming one of the top five finalists in the latest Grants for Good Round, £1,000 was granted.