Our Chairman, Tim Good, takes part in ‘Family Firms as a Force for Good’ Event

It is well documented that family firms are a force for good, not least because of the jobs they provide, the income they generate and the wealth that they create but they also do a lot for the community, charities and provide grants, time and effort to make a difference too. We were delighted to be asked by Family Business United to share our experiences in creating the Matthew Good Foundation.

Watch the recording of Family Business United’s webinar which features insights from Tim Good (The Matthew Good Foundation), Nick Douch (FC Douch), Bruce Mickel (The Mickel Fund) and Neasa Coen (Forsters) who share their thoughts on the purpose of their undertaking, the interaction of the business and the family with the charitable endeavours, learnings on what they would do differently, the need for leadership and the right structures and a whole lot more besides.