More meaningful giving: An employee giving case study

A recent employee giving application has demonstrated how the Matthew Good Foundation helps the John Good Group to increase their community impact, not just by issuing grants, but by leveraging the Foundation’s network & expertise to deliver higher value outcomes, for employees, charities, and businesses alike.

Community Impact: Two people stand in front of a newly built patio area of a garden with bench, arbour and planters. They hold a board that says thank you. A close up of the plague on the bench reads "In memory of Jackie Lee"

Since 2011, the Matthew Good Foundation has operated a unique employee giving programme for the John Good Group. The programme sees employees at the group offered a wide range of ways to direct funds and support to the charities, community groups and non-profits they care about, from tripling the impact of employee fundraising to volunteering in the local community.

One of the ways employees can apply to the employee giving fund is to “champion” an organisation by sending them a donation, with grants available starting at £500.

Chloe Yarwood, Senior Business Support Consultant at Good Travel Management recently applied to the Foundation for a £500 Champion Grant for Dove House Hospice, an application that had a very personal meaning for Chloe.

Chloe’s Grandma, Jackie had recently passed away from Cancer and had spent four days being cared for at the hospice. The experience had a huge impact, as the staff provided a wealth of food, drinks, care and support not just for Jackie, but for her family too.

Chloe applied to the John Good Group’s employee giving programme only hoping to be able to show her appreciation to the charity that had given her family such a high level of care. However, when the Matthew Good Foundation received the application, they realised there was an opportunity to maximise the impact of Chloe’s grant by leveraging their growing charity network.

Earlier in the year, the Foundation had provided an Amplify Charity Film for Recycling Unlimited, a small charity in Hull helping people recovering from mental health conditions to ease their way back into the community through woodworking workshops, where they create furniture to be sold at reasonable prices in their factory shop just off National Avenue in Hull, but also by tender from local organisations.

Instead of directly donating £500, The Matthew Good Foundation brought together the fundraising team at Dove House Hospice and the team at Recycling Unlimited , co-ordinating and funding £500 worth of garden furniture which included a large dedicated bench, arbour and planters, to be installed in the gardens of Dove House Hospice in memory of Jackie.

The result was not just £500 given to charity, but a meaningful gift in memory of Jackie for Chloe and her family, a tangible new addition to the facilities in the Dove House Hospice Garden, and the opportunity for Recycling Unlimited service-users to work on the project.

“Thank you to the John Good Group, Matthew Good Foundation, Recycling Unlimited and Dove House for making this possible. It is a great way for me and my family to remember my Grandma and for people that are at Dove House to enjoy in the garden. I am really grateful for the employee giving program as the bench is not something I could have achieved on my own.”

Chloe Yarwood – Senior Business Support Consultant, Good Travel Management

The story of Chloe’s bench is a very small part of the Foundation’s activities, but it demonstrates the value of the building block the Foundation plays in helping The John Good Group to support their employees and the non-profit sector effectively.

Non-profits and businesses are constantly evolving, but The Matthew Good Foundation is able to use their strong connections with both to ensure that non-profits get more of what they really need, while businesses are able to support in a way that feels more meaningful to them and their employees.

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