Lucky 13 – Latest Updates

Well done to Emma Partington and Seamus Jennings for winning our latest monthly draws;

Dogs Trust

Emma Partington donated to The Dogs Trust. The dogs trust is a nationwide rehoming and welfare centre that look after dogs that are in danger for a number of reasons – These can range from dogs that are found or left abandoned or dogs that are handed in by owners who simply can’t afford to look after and care for them. Emma feels strongly about the services the dogs

trust provides and the effort they put in to making sure dogs are re-homed, neutered, healthy but most of all happy.

Little Sisters of the Poor

Seamus Jennings donated to the Little Sisters of the Poor. The little sisters of the poor are an organization based locally to Seamus who look after and provide care for the Elderly. They endeavour to provide hope and comfort to these people when they are facing almost certain death and accomplish this with their great respect for their lives, family and everything that surrounds them


Brian Dalby and Seamus Jennings also donated their recent winnings to Movember