Jane Nash – Lea Clarke Fund Raising

Jane Nash is heavily involved with the 4FS MCC. (A motorcycle club based in Felixstowe, who are members of the British Motorcycle Federation). The club organise and fund an annual music event in Felixstowe, to which all proceeds are donated to good causes. They have been running this event for approx. 10 years. The 4FS MCChave been supporting Lea Clarke and her family now for the last 5 years and have donated approx. £10,000 so far.

The total amount raised at this years

event was £4000.00.

Lea Clarke’s story : She was born 18 September 2003 with her twin. At 3 month’s old, Lea starting fitting and within 1 month was having over 70 fits a day. After 3 months, Lea was lost in her body, she could not smile or cry, she could not eat or drink and had to be tube fed, she had constant chest and lung infections, her digestive system failed, she was registered blind and spent a good 50% of her life in hospital.

At 2 years old, Lea had a 2 MRI which showed that her brain had shrunk to half the size. Then can our ray of light, the family read about a little girl, quite similar to Lea, who had been attending the Advance centre and who was making amazing progress. Naturally, they booked Lea in for a consultation.

Within the first week, Lea was eating again, just pureed veg so her digestive system could cope but still…

After the first 3 months, Lea fitting had decreased, Within the first year, Lea was wearing glasses and was diagnosed with short sightedness.

Lea has been attending Advance now for 3 years, each time the therapy costs £600.00, this does not include travel and accommodation.

Lea now only fits at night ( and consultants hope with drug control to stop that!!!), she is now seeing the world quite clearly and each time she is checked by orthotics, her glasses are changed due to her improving vision. She eats very well but still cannot manage lumps. Her digestive system is now running fine so she enjoys a fab range of homemade meals.

Please take a look at the 4FS facebook page for the latest updates of Leas progress.

WELL DONE JANE! Fabulous cause and amount of money raised.

Here are a few pictures from the many

taken that day.