Grants for Good Employee Voting Page

Below are the 5 good causes that you can vote for to share a £10,000 grant. The more votes a cause receives, the bigger the donation.

The project that receives the most votes will receive a grant of £3,500, second place £2,500, third place £2,000, and fourth and fifth place will both receive £1,000. 

We received over 400 submissions from all kinds of small charities and projects and we’ve selected 5 from a range of areas. Each one has proved to us that they have excellent leadership and that a small grant would go a long way to helping their work.

Click “Learn More” on any of the options below and once you have made your choice, click “vote for this one“. 

Voting closes on Friday 18th November at 5pm.

**This is not a public vote and is only open to members of the Matthew Good Foundation.** 

The Bank - West Hull Community Hub

Who's voted for what!

: Grants For Good Voting - Round 6

: Grants For Good Voting - Round 6

: Grants For Good Voting - Round 6

Henry Authers : Outkast Panda Crew

Kirsty Bayles : Clean Planet

Rachael Beer : Clean Planet

Graham Boden : Clean Planet

shelley botwright : Diversified

Mike Bramall : Diversified

Cara Cairns : Clean Planet

Stephanie Caley : Clean Planet

Georgia Campbell : Outkast Panda Crew

Vicki Campbell : Diversified

Laura Catlin : Clean Planet

karmel conway : NaariSamata

Jade Creighton : Outkast Panda Crew

Jane Dodds : Diversified

Chelsea Gill : Clean Planet

Tim Good : NaariSamata

john gwatkin : Clean Planet

Emma Hardy : Clean Planet

Kevin Harrison : Diversified

Andrea Harrison : Diversified

David Hartley : Clean Planet

Paul Haste : NaariSamata

KATY HILTON : Clean Planet

john Hirst : Clean Planet

Hannah Hopkins : Clean Planet

Ken Jackson : Outkast Panda Crew

Kelly Jarrold : Clean Planet

Renata Juvillar : Clean Planet

Ellie Lammiman : NaariSamata

Ellen May : Clean Planet

Amy Morley : Clean Planet

Steve Mudd : Outkast Panda Crew

JANE NASH : Clean Planet

Bianca Nightingale : Outkast Panda Crew

Ben Norman : Outkast Panda Crew

vicki nutbrown : Diversified

Stewart Oades : Outkast Panda Crew

Emma Partington : NaariSamata

Sharon Pexton : Outkast Panda Crew

steve pullen : Clean Planet

Rich Quelch : Outkast Panda Crew

Jonathan Reynolds : Clean Planet

Jeff Richardson : Clean Planet

Josh Searle : Clean Planet

Andrew Sedman : Diversified

DAVE SENIOR : Outkast Panda Crew

Rupen Shah : Clean Planet

Chloe Shepherd : Outkast Panda Crew

Rob Stainton : Diversified

LOUISE STOTT : Clean Planet

Neil Turner : Diversified

ADAM WALSH : Clean Planet

Darren Wilkins : Outkast Panda Crew

Chris Williams : Clean Planet

Rebecca Winter : Outkast Panda Crew

chloe yarwood : Clean Planet

Learn more about the causes you've supported over the last year!