Go Sober For October

Tanya Wilkins, John Good Shipping Grimsby, participated in MacMillan Cancer Supports Go Sober for October Fund Raising Event. This meant giving up alcohol for one whole month…..and they even made it a month with 31 days in it!!! A whole 744 hours or 44,640 minutes without any form of alcohol at all!!!!!!!! My Names Tanya and I have been sober for 31 days. cropped-1443775681_Tanya-Wilkins

My good friend of 24 years died of cancer on the 12th September and I know how much MacMillan nurses helped her and her family. They deserve a medal.

So here is my Go Sober for October Experience;

My last drink was on Tuesday September 29th. What’s all the fuss about?

On my first full weekend I felt a little anxious but decided to do a good spring clean of my house as I had no hangover. Even broke my hoover :0(

Wow could really have done with a nice cold beer after that hard work.

Week two, this is going to be easy! Not struggling at all and why would I, I don’t drink much anyway.

Week 3, Italian works meal, nice food, a

glass of wine would have gone a treat! Especially since Richard Jacklin sat across from me drinking a lovely smelling red. Thanks Richard :0)

Weekend, take away with my sister and let’s try Eisberg non- alcoholic wine. YUK!!! Certainly no substitute. Vimto and vinegar is all I can say.

I miss alcohol!

Into my 4th week.

Really would like just one

glass of red wine!

I am now counting the days to November and realising

just how much alcohol plays a part in my life which I didn’t realise. I am by no means an alcoholic but now know I will never do this again.

(Maybe I can stay awake until midnight on the 31st and celebrate with one or two)

I got through my last week and

I am feeling quite proud but looking forward to 1st November. I wouldn’t say it was easy but I managed. It was nothing compared to the struggle of people suffering

with Cancer.

Here is a


to everyone for your help and support. I have raised £240.00, surely that deserves a drink. Cheers x