Our first ‘Grass Roots’ project!

Following Matt’s death, the family decided to kick off the Foundation with this first grass-roots project. The idea stemmed from the utter shock and total disbelief that a perfectly healthy and fit young man could fall victim to such a tragedy from simply running during hot weather. After a little more research the family found that Matt was not alone and every year similar deaths occur throughout the UK and abroad. This first project will endeavour, over the next 1-3 years, to research the causes and effects of hot weather on the body whilst performing strenuous activities such as running. We hope to eventually find out if there are any predispositions that some people may have to heat, which aspects of the weather have the most effect and what can be done to prevent similar deaths from happening in sport. This site will be continually updated with any progress made on the project but you can always ask you local Foundation Rep if you would like to help

or have any suggestions for the cause.