Banka Schools

Coral reefs are home to 25% of all marine life, a variety rivaling that of the tropical forests of the Amazon or New Guinea. This biodiversity translatesdirectly into food security, income, sourcesof medicinal advances, coastal barriers to storms and a whole host of other benefits to people and ocean health. However, coral reefs are under threat, especially in the Philippines. It is the children of today who have the biggest stake in the future of our oceans, but they find themselves already in a world where environmental damage is a major feature of the global seascape.

The Reef‐World Foundation is a UK charity working to ‘inspire and empower people to act in conserving and sustainably developing coastal resources, particularly coral reefs and related ecosystems.’ It is proposed that R‐W will embark on a new initiative to educate children and teachers on the theme of marine conservation, in the context of a larger environmental awareness education aiming to reach the entire community. Via an application from Tim good we have supported them inthis goal and donated £1000 as a Seed Grant to help them in their first year.

A traditional Banka boat used for traveling over shallow coral reefs.