Double Match Funding

When John Good Group employees take part in fundraising activities, the Foundation will double match the amount raised for a charity or cause. The total we can contribute is limited to £2000 per application.

Application Guidelines

  1. The Foundation will match your own fundraising effort up to a maximum of £2000.
  2. The Foundation will contribute twice (double) the amount you raise, but not exceeding the maximum limited set out by guideline no.1.
  3. Applications can be made right up until the day you do you fundraising effort.
  4. Either you or an immediate family member* can apply for Double Match Funding.

*Immediate Family is defined as:

(a) your partner by: marriage/civil partnership; or that you have been living with for more than 1 year; and

(b) your child/children whether

biological, adopted; or ‘Step” (Step child/children being further defined as a step child/ children by virtue of marriage/civil partnership or, in the alternative, the child/children of your partner with whom you have been living with in excess of a year).

Specific Guidelines for Sports Clubs Applications

Roughly speaking we do not providing funding for social recreation and that includes the general running costs, replacement kit or day to day expenses of sports clubs.  We would however accept applications where the club is providing benefit to the wider community or social groups. If in doubt ask your office Rep.

Applications will be considered if the sports club…

  1. Helps those who would be excluded from main stream sport due to cost, disability, lack of resource etc.

  2. Extends the offering of the sports club to offer additional facilities that are for the wider benefit of the local community. I.e. A defibrillator which can also be used or accessed by the public for example.

Double Match Fundraising Application Form

Ready to apply? Simply complete and submit the form below and your Foundation Representative will be in touch shortly.

After your fundraising event

Once you’ve completed your fund raising event, please complete the additional form below to confirm how much you raised and upload any photos from your event. Please include proof of the amount raised. This could be a link to a JustGiving page or a letter from your charity, thanking you for your donation. Feel free to include any other information on how the fund raising event went. If you have any photos, please do upload them below or send them to your office Rep so we can include them on the Foundation website on company news blog.