Donation Match

Through our Donation Matching Programme, the Foundation doubles the impact our members are making when they donate to charity. We match donations pound-for-pound, up to £2000 per application.

Application Guidelines

The Foundation will match donations you have made to a charity, good cause or project giving social or environmental benefit. For example if you donate £100 we will also contribute £100. It can include small regular donations you might make to charities like Cancer Research UK or WWF for example. 

To apply we ask that you compile your donations into a single spreadsheet or email and submit it at the end of each year to your Foundation office Rep. This just helps us process the payments easily once per year. However, if you happen to make a larger one-off donation to a charity and would like it to be matched immediately then please speak with your Foundation Rep to make this happen. The total we can contribute is limited to £2000 per application. A donation is matched, not double matched.

Please note that the Foundation will not match “Sponsorships” made to someone else raising money for a charity. It must be a donation that you have made personally directly to a charity or good cause. This ensures that we don’t end up paying out twice if an application is already being Double Matched and it also ensures it is a charity or good cause that you chose, rather than someone else.

Specific Guidelines for Sports Clubs

Roughly speaking we do not providing funding for social recreation and that includes the general running costs, replacement kit or day to day expenses of sports clubs.  We would however accept applications where the club is providing benefit to the wider community or social groups. If in doubt ask your office Rep.

Applications will be considered if the sports club…

  1. Helps those who would be excluded from main stream sport due to cost, disability, lack of resource etc.
  2. Extends the offering of the sports club to offer additional facilities that are for the wider benefit of the local community. I.e. A defibrillator which can also be used or accessed by the public for example.

Donation Match Fundraising Application Form

Ready to apply? Simply complete and submit the form below and your Foundation Representative will be in touch shortly.

Fill out this form when you have made a personal donation to a charity or good cause. Please include the name and address of the charity, how much you donated and proof of your donation. This form can be used for multiple donations. If you have made many small donations, for example by direct debit, please complete this form and give it to your office rep at the end of the calender year. This makes it easier for us to process. If you want to submit a spreadsheet along with this form, that is no problem.