Championing Grant

Members are encouraged to support small charities, local initiatives and projects by applying to Champion them. Members can apply for up to £500, however, if the member, their spouse or child is involved as a volunteer, they can apply for up to £1000.

Application Guidelines

If you would like to support a local initiative, charity or project but are not involved with it directly then you can apply for a donation to be made directly. To be valid it needs to be a local cause or charity rather than a large national charity. We also ask that you tell use what the donation will be for, rather than as a general donation. It’s also important that the application is for environmental, social or community based causes. E.g. Championing grants cannot be used to support individuals (such as healthcare costs), however you can support these types of causes via Donation Match and Double Match Funding.

  1. If you are not involved in the project / charity / group that you helping then the maximum Champion grant is £500.
  2. If you are directly involved in the project / charity / group that you helping then the maximum Champion grant is £1000.
  3. The grant must be for a specific use or project rather than as a general donation.
  4. Championing grant applications are limited to one application per member per quarter.

Specific Guidelines for Sports Clubs

Roughly speaking we do not providing funding for social recreation and that includes the general running costs, replacement kit or day to day expenses of sports clubs.  We would however accept applications where the club is providing benefit to the wider community or social groups. If in doubt ask your office Rep.

Applications will be considered if the sports club…

  1. Helps those who would be excluded from main stream sport due to cost, disability, lack of resource etc.

  2. Extends the offering of the sports club to offer additional facilities that are for the wider benefit of the local community. I.e. A defibrillator which can also be used or accessed by the public for example

Championing Grant Application Form

Ready to apply? Simply complete and submit the form below and your Foundation Representative will be in touch shortly.

Championing grants are designed to help a charity or cause which would otherwise be too small to have their own fund raising event. It does not have to be a registered charity. It could simply be a local programme, group or cause that is doing something beneficial to the community, environment or society.